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Wallaby’s DIY tips to help avoid pests seeking shelter in the comfort of your home

One of the effects from storms and flooding is the increasing number of pesky critters looking for shelter. As their homes and habitats have been destroyed, they seek shelter from the elements, sometimes by way of our homes!
Here’s a few handy DIY tips for around the home, to help with eliminating pests after such extreme weather conditions.
General DIY
1. Seal cracks and holes on the outside of your home, including entry points for utilities and pipes.
2. Remove any fallen tree branches and/or shrubbery away from your home.
3. Store waste in tight fitting containers, out of windy areas.
4. Store pet food in sealed containers or resealable bags.
5. Inspect your drains to ensure they have not become blocked or covered debris.
6. Sweep away any standing water, in your yard or outdoor areas.
7. Also, if your kids were home all day yesterday – make sure there’s no biccies stuffed underneath
the couch/bed/coffee table (the list can go on . . . . ?)
Dealing with moisture & leaks
Insects love moisture!
1. Make sure that high moisture areas are well ventilated to prevent the build-up of moisture.
2. Use heat and good ventilation to speed up the drying out process.
3. Other water damage to your home may have been caused by leaks in cracked and broken pipes. It is recommended that these are repaired immediately.
The bigger pests
When flooding and heavy rain occur, the rising waters force small, wild animals such as rodents, possums and snakes (did anyone see the Shark that was washed up!) to seek higher ground in order to survive. Unfortunately, this can often mean that they find their way into your homes and into your living areas which is both an inconvenience and a potential danger!
1. Spend some time looking for any structural damage (if you’ve experienced high winds). If you locate any breakages, fix them immediately or cover these points of entry using any suitable materials until such a time that they can be repaired.
2. Don’t forget to check your roof for any holes that may have been created by the strong winds and if you find any, arrange for them to be fixed as soon as possible.
3. If you have any broken windows, I have found that using a plastic packet (that has been opened up to cover a large surface area) can keep both pests and the wind out when attached securely.
4. If you find any small holes, using a foam sealant works well and is very affordable. Sealing up any small holes will ensure that you are safe from the smaller pests such as rodents and snakes that can squeeze through very small areas to find shelter and safety from harsh weather.
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