Moving house? Fleas in your home?

Helpful Hints after Wallaby Pest Control has carried out a Flea Treatment at your property
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  1. Treat your pet in conjunction with the flea treatment. You will get better results if all flea treatments (property and animal) are done around the same time.
  2. Do not leave flea infested areas undisturbed, movement hatches fleas. Walk around the property in white socks, tucked your pant legs into your socks. You will see the baby fleas as they hatch, they will be affected by the treatment residue.
  3. If you remove the pet, flea problems may appear to be worse, as you become the only potential host. No food source equal hungry fleas.
  4. Entering vacant houses will stimulate any fleas waiting to hatch. This is especially a problem with vacant rentals and holiday houses.
  5. If you are having a flea treatment before you go on holidays, or if a rental property has had an exit flea treatment, get someone to visit the property and stamp through the house/yard several times while you are away, especially on the day of your return. The fleas will hatch and die on the treated surfaces before you return, or before a new tenant moves in.
  6. Do not vacuum or mop for at least fourteen (14) days after treatment.
  7. If you are cleaning the carpets these should be carried out before a flea treatment is carried out, not after . . . We offer fantastic Flea and Carpet Cleaning Specials. Call our office for more information (07) 5554 6630
  8. Please be patient. Even if everything has been done correctly, you will still see newly hatched fleas, usually for several weeks. These will die in the chemical residue in your carpet/flooring. If you are still experiencing live fleas after fourteen (14) days give us a call and we will attend a service call under warranty.

June Special! Save $101.00 on combined Flea Treatment and Carpet Cleaning Packages 

Call our friendly Team for more information (07) 5554 6630

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